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16 Mar 2020

Radar detector ban ‘by stealth’

The clause that the minister has said she would use to introduce the ban is so broadly drafted that it goes well beyond simply banning radar detectors. This clause, if it becomes law, would allow bureaucrats to ban a wide range of devices by regulation in the future, including popular navigation apps and even devices that are being used by passengers in motor vehicles.

19 Feb 2020

Section 111 Objection

Please find the following information on Legislation that is to be considered by the WA Upper House in either February or March 2020 sitting.


This legislation could affect members by granting the power to the Police and Office of Road Safety to decide what “devices” on vehicles could be banned in WA. This bypasses the usual Legislative scrutiny.

22 Jan 2019

Media release - Smith calls for review on WA speed cameras use

One Nation member for the East Metropolitan Region Charles Smith, has called upon the Minister for Police and Road Safety Michelle Roberts, to reconsider mobile speed camera use which he believes unfairly target WA drivers for the purpose of revenue raising.

18 Jan 2019

Road Safety Minister Michelle Roberts backs keeping speed camera locations secret

Mobile speed camera locations should be kept secret to reinforce the “anywhere, anytime” message, Road Safety Minister Michelle Roberts believes.

29 Nov 2018

SA Police to withdraw use of laser speed guns following court cases

South Australian police have temporarily stopped using handheld speed detection laser guns, and will abandon 125 prosecutions against drivers.

23 Sep 2018

The truth about speed cameras

There is plenty of conjecture surrounding the policing of speed in Australia. David McCowen looks at 10 motoring myths to help breakdown misunderstandings surrounding speed.

09 Aug 2018

Victorians pay almost $1m a day in speeding fines

DESPITE a marginal decrease in raised revenue, Victorian motorists injected over $900,000 per day into the state’s coffers in the form of speeding fines last financial year.

29 Jul 2018

New type of camera on Aussie roads is watching your driving habits

A NEW type of camera which detects your driving habits is appearing on Aussie roads, but there’s a good reason behind it.

07 Jun 2018

How to spot the new cameras targeting one dangerous driver behaviour

Those who still think they can get away with using mobile phones behind the wheel may soon be in for a nasty shock.

13 May 2018

Why the road safety message is past its use-by date

POLICE are understandably keen to crack down on speeding — but in their zeal, they are not being entirely honest with you.

21 Mar 2018

National Transport Commission launches review to reduce driver fatigue

The National Transport Commission (NTC) is working with the Cooperative Research Centre for Alertness, Safety and Productivity (Alertness CRC) to better understand driver fatigue and ways to measure it.

19 Feb 2018

Future of handheld police speed guns in doubt in SA

The use of handheld speed guns by South Australian police has an uncertain future, after a series of landmark judgments in the Supreme Court.

12 Jan 2018

Does anyone really know how to cut the number of deaths on our roads?

(New Zealand) The road toll for 2017 was 380 – 53 more than for 2016 and the highest figure since 2009.

10 Nov 2017

Are we any safer? Speed cameras rake in $1.1 billion

Speed cameras have raked in a staggering $1.1 billion in Australia over a one year period in financial year 2017, and we can reveal the top three locations in each state.

16 Oct 2017

Laser Jammer/Shifter Ban in WA

The State Government is cracking down on drivers who think they can outsmart speed cameras with laser jammers or electronic scramblers.

05 Sep 2017

The 9 Most Dangerous Things Drivers Do

Don't do these things when you climb behind the wheel.

23 Aug 2017

Drug Driving Prevention

Intervention Techniques To Keep Them Out Of The Driver’s Seat And Off The Road

10 Jul 2017

Age and Driving

Safety Tips and Warning Signs for Older Drivers

01 Jun 2017

Do speeding fines work?

The authorities will tell you that speeding fines and speed cameras are entirely and absolutely effective at changing driver behaviour and thus reducing the road toll.

08 May 2017

Mental Preparation for Driving

Let's give everyone on our roads a chance. Let's all get our heads in "The Driving Zone", before we start driving.

12 Apr 2017

Safe Driving Practices

Safe driving practices are very important for a vehicle driver to adhere to because this is the only way that he can ensure of a safe and hassle free travel.

28 Feb 2017

What they’d like you to believe about traffic cameras

It seems speed and red light cameras are causing confusion amongst Australian drivers, we explain how traffic cameras work.

19 Jun 2016

Speed cameras — but no fines

Drivers caught speeding on Forrest Highway during a trial of point-to-point speed cameras will not receive infringements because the offence does not exist yet, an estimates hearing has been told.

03 Apr 2016

Tasmania Permanent Speed Cameras

As part of a strategy to reduce deaths and serious injuries on our roads, Tasmania Police is in the process of installing eight permanent speed cameras around the State.

31 Mar 2016

Freeway merge rules change (Perth)

Road authorities say it could take months for motorists to adjust to major changes to the way they should enter Perth’s freeways

23 Mar 2016

Unprecedented speed camera, radar blitz in Queensland over Easter

Up to 800 speed cameras and radars will be used at once by Queensland police over three-hour periods this Easter in an unprecedented attempt to keep this year's road toll down

23 Mar 2016

Western Ring Rd, Broadmeadows ranks in top 10 for speed, red light camera fines

SPEED cameras on a popular stretch of freeway in Broadmeadows have racked up more than $2.23 million worth of fines in just three months

04 Feb 2016

WA's first point-to-point speed cameras to be installed along Forrest Highway

Western Australia is a step closer to getting its first point-to-point speed cameras, with the first trial location to be along Forrest Highway

10 Jan 2016

Five new speed cameras installed across Melbourne, others upgraded to 'improve safety'

Five new speed cameras will be installed across Melbourne as upgrades are done to 12 other cameras in a bid to improve road safety, the State Government says

04 May 2014

2400 Speeding fine per day - Western Australia

More than 2400 WA drivers are getting caught speeding every day and about half are doing at least 10km/h over the limit

15 Apr 2014

200 new site for Hi-tech cmaeras - NZ

The number of speed cameras could double on New Zealand roads, with $10m held in reserve for the delivery of more in the next three years

22 Jan 2014

Victoria Police document reveals arsenal of weapons for war on speeding

If you speed in Victoria there is a good chance you will be caught, with a new police document revealing an arsenal of speed detection devices in use

02 Sep 2012

$10m set aside for speed cameras- NZ

The number of speed cameras could double on New Zealand roads, with $10m held in reserve for the delivery of more in the next three year

26 Aug 2012

Perth's fixed speed camera fleet to double this week

Perth's fixed speed camera fleet is expected to be boosted by Friday, as part of a police rollout to target sppedsters

22 May 2012

New novice driver rules 'small catch-up'

State Opposition has slammed a government decision not to implement power-to-weight ratios for novice drivers, vowing to press ahead with new laws if Labor wins office

12 Feb 2012

New Speed Enforcement Campaign Launched

WA drivers are being encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions and to stick to the speed limit in a new speed enforcement campaign launched on Saturday 4 February

27 Jan 2012

Video blitz on drivers

The number of cars scanned for speeding in WA would increase from 14 million to almost 300 million a year under a police plan to have roof-mounted speed cameras on 48 traffic patrol vehicles

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