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23 Mar 2016

Unprecedented speed camera, radar blitz in Queensland over Easter


Up to 800 speed cameras and radars will be used at once by Queensland police over three-hour periods this Easter in an unprecedented attempt to keep this year's road toll down.


Eight people died and 366 people were injured over the five-day period last year.


It was the highest Easter road toll since records began in 1992. Assistant Commissioner Michael Keating said the 800 "speed management devices", including radars in cars and motorbikes, fixed side-of-road cameras and speed guns, will be used together over three-hour blocks.


He said the tactic focused on targeting people travelling distances, for example a driver on the road for four hours from Cairns to Townsville would see at least two cameras.


"It is an unprecedented way to coordinate it in Queensland," Assistant Commissioner Keating said. "

We are very confident they will be informative." Police Minister Bill Byrne said the Government's intention was to "apply as much enforcement as possible to make sure Queenslanders are safe.


"But the ultimate responsibility rests with every citizen who are on the roads in this high-risk period." Last year's state road toll was 243. So far in 2016, 54 people have died on the state's roads.

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