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About Us

est. 1998 

The Australian Driver's Rights Association (ADRA) is a non-profit association, which was formed in 1998. It has over 10,000 members and has the primary aim of highlighting the issues affecting driver's rights and road safety concerns.


ADRA finds that because legislation for road traffic and road safety is primarily dealt with by government agencies, even though at times public comment is requested, more often than not, the average road user doesn’t get a say in the process. ADRA is here as they’re representative to help change that.


ADRA offers a number of services to assist the Australian road user, including:

  • Monitoring and informing you of changes to road rules, recommendations for changes and policies by Department of Transport, the Office of Road Safety, regional police departments and regional automobile clubs

  • Providing you with contacts in Government and Parliament

  • Providing a sympathetic ear to members who are in conflict

  • Providing information on the latest news on road safety policy

  • Giving you access to copies of legislation

  • Informing you of proposed legislation

  • Giving examples of important court case outcomes

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